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About Us.

East of the Moon is a Costume Design Studio in Budapest which dedicates its expertise and craftsmanship to convert directorial visions into the language of costumes.

Behind The Scenes.


Fresh energy.

In addition to long-standing friendships, we are united by the respect for each other's work and expertise. This led us to launch our own collective in 2021 to spice up our customers' projects with our shared enthusiasm for costume design and visual storytelling.

The creative crescent.

Our creativity is derived from our familiarity with costume history and the awareness towards contemporary fashion which is paired with visual expressiveness and resourcefulness. Our inventive mindset is not only manifested in our costumes, but it can also be seen during the workflow. We are not afraid to handle the most ambitious visions nor to buy or supervise costumes.

Brightly skills.

Our team has manual and digital drawing proficiency and is familiar with the formal and technical requirements of different eras of fashion history. Our members include costume designers who use their knowledge not only in practice but also as educators in prestigious universities and creative schools.

The East side of the Moon.

Growing up and working in Budapest, a mysterious, exotic and undoubtedly fun city, our aesthetic vision also has a hint of a unique, cheeky Eastern European style. And we are proud of it!

You can hire the whole team or you can choose a team member individually. Check out the Studio’s designers!

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