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We give a fresh, unique taste to the ideas of our customers, spicing them up with emotional effects of colours, structures, and materials. We love to get lost in details, while also helping the birth of productions with a universal vision accurately tailored to our clients’ needs. We provide a wide range of services from costume and set design through costume supervising to costume buying and dressing.

Our goal is to meet the expectations of our customers as precisely as possible. Therefore, you can use our services not only as a team but also by booking the Studio’s individual designers.

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When working on a mid or large-scale production, the costume supervisor, wardrobe manager and other members of the team are responsible for the physical creation (buying or making) of costumes. However, when working on a small-scale, fringe or low-budget production, we may also be responsible for several tasks.

As a costume starts with a single thread, we as costume designers build real masterpieces for our customers’ project step by step from the very beginning to the end.

Co-operating with the crew

Discussing creative concepts with the director, cinematographer and set designers according to the script. Establishing the look and atmosphere of the production and its characters, deciding what each character wishes to convey through his/her clothing (time period, setting, status/social class, age, region, etc.).


Estimating the costume budget and negotiating with the production coordinator about financial decisions.

Breaking down the script for wardrobe

Interpreting the script in regard of costumes.


Conducting in-depth research on the setting/period of the production to ensure that the costumes are authentic. The research phase also includes finding the perfect fabric samples and looking for available options of the costume rental companies.

Moodboards and sketching

Creating colour palettes, moodboards, and character boards. Designs by hand and occasionally by using computer programs such as Photoshop or computer-aided design (CAD).


Managing costume budget, shopping at fabric, craft, charity and clothes shops. Arranging costume fittings, dressing actors, helping with difficult costumes, making alterations as necessary.

Measurement and Fitting

Taking actors’ measurements for garments and accessories, such as wigs, shoesand hats.

Minding the small details

Drafting and cutting out patterns. Cleaning, repairing, and distressing costumes. Studying textiles, dyeing fabric, painting, and sewing. Creating brand new costumes and remodeling existing ones.

Set supervising

Always prepared for the unexpected, we provide short-term or even immediate, on-the-set adjustment, cleaning and dressing.

Extra services

Providing storage for costumes and properties if needed.

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